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I have recently read a really interesting article in HR Grapevine, that shared some of the new habits 
being put into place by key individuals in Google, Periscope and Linked In and thought it might be 
good to share and see if you can pop any into place in your working practices .. 
either yours or the Company's. 
I've picked my top 5 to share. 
1. Being present and engaged 
Erika Lockheimer at Linkedin has taken the decision to not take her laptop or phone into meetings. 
She says "I am no longer going to be distracted by my laptop or phone in meetings. I am going to 
be present and fully engaged, and will enjoy every moment working with talented teams to solve 
problems and come up with new strategies. The rest can wait — the moment is more important!” 
I sit in meetings and see people on their phones constantly. How can they be fully engaged in what is happening? If they are not fully engaged, can they be fully contributing to what is going on in the business? 
2. Let's Talk 
Luke Leonhard, Google's Product Strategist has made a promise to TELL people they have done great work instead of joining in on the congratulations thread on email. 
He says "When I have feedback on a product spec, I'm scheduling a ten- to 15-minute meeting in person, or via Hangouts, to quickly and more effectively give feedback. If it isn't worth an in-person meeting, I doubt it's worth me writing an email, and the recipient having to read and interpret it." 
Leonhard has already noticed he's spenfding less time on his keyboard and more time interacting with real people! 
So how can you spend more time with real people? Can you encourage your staff to actually speak to each other rather than email? Or do you need a culture change? 
3. Get enough sleep 
There is so much research around that tells us how burnout, poor productivity and other detrimental health iisues are a result of sleep deprivation. 
Sleep is so important whether you are an employee or the boss. David Roter, Head of Agency Development at Twitter shares , "I have stopped pretending that sleep isn't important, so I have made it a point to get some this year". "While I'm not giving up Netflix, I keep the mobile phone in the kitchen and meditate at least once per day. I actually feel sharper and more focused at work." 
Do you keep your mobile phone switched on until late into the evening? Do you insist your employees are contactable well after hours? Is the culture in your Company that people should be sending and receiving emails late into the night? 
4. Perfectionism 
Have you heard the phrase 'Good is good enough?' 
Is that the common theme in your business or do you expect perfectionism all the time? Is expecting perfection all the time hindering the productivity on the business? 
Google's Luke Leonhard has decided that he "no longer spending time making internal presentations pixel-perfect. I'm stickign with using templates [..] to make presentations looking great without spending an extra 20 minutes adjusting alignments and picking colours." 
What things do you spend 'extra' time on that actually would be good enough without? What do your employees spend their time doing to make sure something is perfect - especially for internal consumption only? 
5. Stop being alone at lunchtime 
There are two things to this one point. 
First of all do you have a lunch break? Do you insist your employees have a break at lunchtime away from their desk? Research shows that productivity increases if a lunch break is taken and away from the direct workspace. 
Ish Verduzco, Linked In's Social Media and Event Coordinator has made the second point. Eating alone is not a break. He has resolved in 2017, to have lunch with two new people every week. He says " Not only will this build relationships, it'll also expand my knowledge across the business." Great plan. 
How often do you spend time chatting to your employees on non work related matters? Is this an opportunity to try something different? You may learn things about the Company you weren't aware of, you will definitely over time get to know your employees better and you will certainly gain a more engaged workforce. 
You might find that there are multiple benefits from this one change to your daily routine. 
So as we head further into 2017, are you thinking that some of these great habits might find a place in your Company? I'd love to hear. 
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